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In Like a Lion

Graham Spowart on Miami Beach, Gold Coast, Australia February 2023

Christmas has come and gone, a New Year too and on January 26th, a Burns Supper at which David, my husband gave the ‘Immortal Memory’ speech. We also had a visit from David’s cousin, all the way from Dunfermline in Scotland. The photo above is Graham on a Gold Coat beach. I thought those of you experiencing snow in the northern hemisphere might like a picture to trigger thoughts of warmer days!

And March is about to come in – if not like a lion, at least like a fire-breathing dragon because it’s very warm on the Gold Coast and our air-conditioner is working overtime. At least it’s being powered by our solar panels so we’re not damaging the environment!

Unfortunately, this whole period has been beset with illness of one kind or another. David returned from a trip to England with the flu – a particularly virulent form. He recovered from this and then tested positive for COVID, as did I. I then caught the flu bug, but we tested negative for COVID. So here I am, still experiencing bouts of coughing and a stubborn deposit on my chest that refuses to be dislodged. My doctor says I just have to wait it out.

All this is a long-winded way of saying sorry for not having posted to my BLOG recently.

I have, however, still been working. I shipped my Anne Boleyn porcelain doll to a lovely lady in Holland to join other Lady of Finavon dolls in her collection. I’ve also been working with another customer regarding changing the costume for a Marie Antoinette fabric doll and I’m most of the way along with finishing the embroidery on Elizabeth II’s coronation dress.

As you can see in the picture here, there’s still more to do, but she is taking shape. I’ve just noticed that a young Queen Victoria is standing in the background, no doubt thinking, “We are not amused”.

This morning I received a parcel with the white (faux) fur that I will be using for Elizabeth’s Robe of Estate (or Coronation robe). As you can see in the photo, my elder dog, Freddie, is taking an interest!

And below is a picture of the embroidery on the real thing.

My goal is to replicate the Coronation robe at scale so quite a bit more to do before I’m finished.

David recently published his fourth novel, The Case of the Emigrant Niece – a mid 18th Century crime adventure story that starts in India and continues in England, Scotland and Australia. It has received a number of good reviews.

As we were looking at the reviews, he remarked on ours being a creative household the other day and I suppose he’s right. Mind you he would be the first to acknowledge that the limit of his needlework skills ends at darning socks and even then he is amateurish. He often comments that he wouldn't have the patience to create all the embroidery that goes into these costumes. Fair enough - I don't have the staying power to write a novel... By the way, does anyone darn socks anymore?

Although I enjoy all aspects of creating my dolls, my favourite time is spent making shoes and jewellery. Elizabeth’s crown and slippers have been a lot of fun and making the ship-hat for Marie Antoinette too. These are Elizabeth’s slippers – a work-in-progress of course…

My coughing is starting up again so I’m going to finish here. I hope that you and yours are doing well. Until the next time…

Stay safe, keep well.



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