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Margaret of Denmark

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Margaret of Denmark (1456 – 1486) was Queen of Scotland after marrying James III in 1469. She was the daughter of Christian I, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


In 1468 Margaret was promised to James to stop a feud regarding a debt owed to Denmark regarding taxes due from the Hebrides and Isle of Man.  In July 1469, at the age of 13 she married James at Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh and all Scottish debt was cancelled.


She was known for always being dressed in the latest fashions of the time and she became a popular queen, described as beautiful, gentle, and sensible.

In 1482, when James III was deprived of power by his brother for several months, Margaret was said to have shown more interest in the welfare of her children than her spouse, which led to a permanent estrangement.

Margaret died at Stirling castle on 14 July 1486 after falling ill, and was buried in the nearby Cambuskenneth Abbey.  James was also interred with her in 1488.

Standing approximately 55cm tall (22in) Margaret comes complete with stand and accessories

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