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Jennie Churchill

Jennie Churchill
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Jennie Jerome Churchill, née Jeanette Jerome, formally Lady Randolph Churchill, (January 9, 1854 - June 29, 1921).

Most famous for being the wife of Lord Randolph Churchill and mother of Sir Winston Churchill, Jennie turned out to be quite a remarkable woman in her own right.

She was a noted beauty (an admirer once said that there was "more of the panther than of the woman in her look” lending some credence to the family lore that she had Iroquois ancestry.


As Lady Randolph, she was well-respected and influential in the highest British social and political circles. Intelligent, witty, and quick to laughter, through her family contacts and her several extramarital romantic relationships, she exerted a very positive influence on her husband's early career, and later on that of her son, Winston.


After Randolph’s early death in 1895 she remarried twice. In 1908, she wrote her memoirs, The Reminiscences of Lady Randolph Churchill. She was active in WWI, providing support to the troops.

In 1921, she slipped while coming down a friend's staircase wearing new high-heeled shoes and broke her ankle. She died at her home in London soon after following a haemorrhage of an artery in her thigh.

Standing approximately 85cm tall (34 in), Jennie comes complete with stand and accessories.  Her fitted clothes and underclothes can be dressed and undressed.

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